EZ Ware Technologies

EZware Technologies L.L.C is an established firm with a defined goal to develop and market software solutions only. The company was founded in 1996 with an intention to cater to the needs of the business community and 14 years since its inception the company is still committed to its work and growing steadily towards its goal.

Our objective is to provide an easy to use software which can help different kinds of businesses in their day to day activities.  It must address problems generally faced by most businesses in addition to improving the efficiency of the business.  Business environment is no longer static.  Business-needs and ways of doing business are changing quickly because of the technology revolution.  Our aim at EZware Technologies is to engage ourselves into research of new products all the time so as to meet the dynamic business demands.  Besides, we want to work towards creating more and more vertical products to be well known in those market segments.

Date Founded 1996
Organization Type (Public/Private) Private
Number of Employees 350
Sales Method (Direct/VAR) Direct, VAR
Geographical Coverage International
Product Name(s) EZ Business System
Focus Manufacturing, Distribution, Service
Manufacturing Type Discrete, Process, Mixed-Mode, Repetitive, Job Shop
Manufacturing Mode Make-to-Stock, Make-to-Order, Configure-to-Order, Assemble-to-Order, Engineer-to-Order
Functional Modules General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Budgeting, Financial Report Writer, Fixed Assets, Planning, Forecasting, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Warehousing, Bar Coding and Data Collection, Lot Control and Recall Management, Production Scheduling, Job Control, Production Recording, Machine Maintenance, Marketing Management, Telesales Management, Customer Relationship Management, Quoting and Estimating, Order Management, EDI, Human Resources, Time and Attendance, Payroll, Business Intelligence, Dashboards, System Administration
Deployment Options (Traditional/SaaS) Traditional
Open Source No
Source Code Not Available
Number of Software Updates Per Year Three
Industry Expertise Construction, Contracting, HR, Banking, Trade, Manufacturing
Sample Clients National Paints, Al Jaber, RAK Bank, Emirates Falcon, Nobel Technical, ABS Lubricants, Emirates Industrial Bank
Number of Users (Organizations) 1,000+
Recommended Number of Users 1-1,000
Revenue Target All
Active User Community (Y/N) Y
Annual Users Conference (Y/N) Y


Traditional Deployments
Minimum Users 1
Maximum Users 1,000
Average Users Per Sale 50
Pricing Model Concurrent, Named, Modular, Unlimited
List Price $10,000 – $100,000
Implementation Cost Estimate
Annual Maintenance Fees 20%


Company Name EZ Ware Technologies
Street Address PO Box: 35013
City Abu Dhabi
Zip 35013
Phone +971 2 671 0339
Email contact@ezwaretechnologies.com
Website www.ezwaretechnologies.com