We Are Panorama

Independent Advisors in Business Transformation and ERP Systems

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Our Mission

To serve as the world’s most trusted independent business transformation advisors.

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Our Vision

To enable organizations to achieve their own strategic vision.

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Our Values

People, innovation, customer-focus and integrity

Who We Are

Panorama Consulting Group is an independent, niche consulting firm specializing in business transformation and ERP system implementations for mid- to large-sized private- and public-sector organizations worldwide.

One-hundred percent technology agnostic and independent of vendor affiliation, Panorama offers a phased, top-down strategic alignment approach and a bottom-up tactical approach, enabling each client to achieve its unique business transformation objectives by transforming its people, processes and technology.

Panorama’s services include ERP Selection, ERP Implementation, ERP Contract Negotiation, ERP University, Digital Strategy, Technology Assessment, Change Management, Human Capital Management, Business Process Management, M&A Integration, Project Auditing & Recovery, and Software Expert Witness Testimony.

Why Choose Panorama?


You can choose the approach that fits your needs: top-down strategic or bottom-up tactical.


Your people and processes will be aligned with your new technology because of our holistic approach.


You won’t work with “career consultants” but with operational experts who have been in their clients’ shoes.


You will develop organizational capabilities that allow you to continuously innovate. We leave you with the tools and training to carry out your plan.


You will maximize your ERP benefits realization using our proprietary methodology based on lessons learned from past clients.


You will benefit from our ability to customize our methodology based on your organization’s size, complexity and industry.


You will receive an unbiased recommendation because we are independent and technology-agnostic, with acumen in hundreds of different ERP systems.


You will have a single point of contact and accountability throughout your project lifecycle, regardless of which technology is being implemented.


You will benefit from our breadth of industry-specific experience across a wide range of industries.


You will avoid ERP failure because we have lessons learned from serving as expert witnesses for many of the industry’s highest-profile ERP lawsuits.


You will save money because our vendor negotiation results typically exceed our fees by a multiple of three to five times.


You will be advised by credentialed experts carrying certifications such as CPAs, MBAs APICS, Supply Chain, SCRUM and Agile methodologies, Six Sigma, PMP, Prosci and Lean Certification.


Panorama in the Community

For years, Panorama has been active in the community, always trying to give back. Whether it be serving on boards, volunteering or donating, we believe in serving communities.

A strong community is a prosperous one.
Some of the charities and organizations we help: