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Tribal Government

Addressing Unique Needs


We understand that American Indian tribes – or “nations within a nation” – function under their own laws and consequently have their own unique needs. Native Americans have significant rights of self-government under the U.S Constitution, which has its roots in their own sovereignty. Tribal government is excluded from complying with much federal legislation, and their processes and their needs as rule entities don’t fit into the typical government agency.

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Stable Economies


We assist Indian tribes in the development and maintenance of strong and stable tribal governments capable of administering quality programs and developing economies of their respective communities. Drawing from our expertise with tribal governments, we address clients’ pain points and support their processes, technology and ability to operate their tribes.

System Integration


Through our process mapping methodology, tribal governments are able to improve business analytics and financial management. We help you analyze and evaluate numerous vendors in order to upgrade and integrate your systems. As a result, you will be able to streamline different departments, including police, fire, healthcare, education, housing, natural resources and public works.

Integrated solutions allow the branches of power to keep their processes on track and serve their communities more efficiently:

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