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State governments nationwide are struggling to strike a balance between administrative effectiveness and organizational efficiency. Challenges faced by state governments include shrinking revenues, rising expenses, constantly evolving service demands and never-ending public scrutiny.

Further still, state governments must ensure that hundreds of agencies and counties can be integrated into the state’s technology systems and operations.

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We leverage a range of management, technology and communications capabilities to enable states to innovate, deliver and operate more like a business than a public sector entity. We have helped some of the largest state government agencies take on their toughest challenges while keeping a keen focus on their underlying mission – to provide the best service to their citizens.

Expert Witness Case Study


Panorama conducted an assessment of a state entity’s financial ERP failure. Our team reviewed thousands of pages of project information, including requirements documentation, emails, presentations, status reports and plans to conclude that our state client did not fail in its implementation because of technical issues. The state failed because of issues related to people, processes and project management.

Our conclusive analysis was used by the state’s attorney general to determine wrongdoing and influenced the decision of whether or not to pursue legal claims against involved parties. Read More.

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