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Common Discussion Topics

What Internal Resources Will I Need for ERP Selection and Implementation?

Organizations want to know how much internal commitment they will need for ERP planning & system integration. They want to know what options they have if they run into resource constraints. Will they need backfill? We advise organizations on determining the right mix of internal and external resources based on their unique situation.

How can I Save a Failing Business?

Business turnaround is possible, but one must be quick, let go of the emotional baggage and do what is right to make the organization survive. The process of turning around a troubled entity is very complex. Ultimately, your goal is to get to a point where the business is stabilized. We can help you accomplish this by facilitating activities such as servicing senior debt, developing new technology, cutting waste and growing sales. 

What Does Organizational Change Management Involve?

While we customize our approach to fit your needs, change management typically involves customized training, business readiness assessments, change impact assessments, focus groups and a communication plan. These are just a few of the activities that we use to help organizations increase employee buy-in of large-scale change.

What Vendors are Viable?

ERP vendors frequently sunset products in which they no longer want to invest. Many organizations are using software systems that are soon to be retired. Other organizations want to avoid implementing such systems but are unsure how to assess vendor or product viability. Our experience with ERP planning & system integration across hundreds of ERP systems has taught us how to quickly identify products that are in the sunsetting phase and accurately provide ERP consultations and give credible advice. Vendors’ sales hype around cloud ERP can create confusion in this area. While vendors are withdrawing investment from many on-premise systems and moving these systems to the cloud – like Infor’s move to Infor CloudSuite – this is not the case with all on-premise systems. Do SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics still have viable on-premise solutions? Find out by scheduling an ERP consultation today.

What is a Realistic Budget and Timeline for ERP Implementation?

Most organizations are not interested in digital transformation (in the sense of new operational models and new lines of business). However, many organizations want to optimize their operations from the top down and improve their end-to-end business processes. This entails large-scale change. Our ERP consultations & expert advice help organizations understand their scope of change so they can set realistic budget and timeline expectations.

How Can I Convince Executives to Invest in New ERP Software?

While the pain points of existing ERP planning & integration systems may be clear, executives need more tangible reasons to invest in ERP. We emphasize the importance of developing an ERP business case that estimates the quantifiable business benefits of new enterprise resource planning software. A business case is a foundation for measuring benefits realization throughout implementation. It is the primary tool organizations use to create and sustain buy-in among executives and other key business stakeholders.

How Can I Mitigate Risk and Achieve a High ERP ROI?

Executives and IT managers who contact us are often under pressure to select a technology that delivers a high ROI. They seek our advice because they know the cost of failure outweighs the cost of ERP consultants. Drawing from our ERP expert witness experience, we provide insight into best practices for avoiding ERP failure. We emphasize the importance of change management and business process reengineering.

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