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Whether you’re evaluating enterprise resource planning systems or pursuing business transformation, our ERP advisory services can help you achieve your organizational goals.

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The Knowledge You’ll Gain From Our ERP Consultancy Services

What Internal Resources Will I Need for ERP Selection and Implementation?

Many organizations want to know how much internal commitment they will need for ERP planning and system integration. During our ERP consultations, we break down the details. Ultimately, we advise organizations on determining the right mix of internal and external resources based on their unique situation. 

How Can I Convince Executives to Invest in New ERP Software?

While the pain points of your existing ERP system may be clear to you, executives need more tangible reasons to invest in new technology. Our ERP consultancy services emphasize the importance of detailing the expected business benefits of new enterprise resource planning software. 

How Can I Mitigate Risk and Achieve a High ERP ROI?

Executives and IT managers who contact us are often under pressure to select technology that delivers a high ROI. Through ERP consultations, they seek our advice because they know the cost of failure outweighs the cost of enterprise resource planning advisory services. Drawing from our software expert witness experience, we provide insight into best practices for avoiding ERP failure.

What Vendors are Viable?

ERP vendors frequently sunset products in which they no longer plan to invest. As such, many organizations are using software systems that are soon to be retired. Other organizations want to avoid implementing such systems but are unsure how to assess vendor or product viability.

Our ERP consultations provide credible advice based on our experience with hundreds of ERP systems. Learn about ERP planning and system integration by scheduling an ERP consultation today. 

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Our ERP advisory services encompass the full spectrum of activities necessary for project success. We can discuss any of these aspects depending on your organization’s needs in the initial free EPR consultancy service appointment. Request a free ERP consultation below for personalized advice and ERP planning guidance: