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Municipalities and Smart Cities

In this time of austerity and accountability, there is no room for initiatives that take too long, cost too much and don’t deliver the expected returns. We help cities improve performance, procure and implement related solutions and promote change to staff, citizens and stakeholders.

State Governments

We leverage a range of management, technology and communications capabilities to help state government agencies take on their toughest challenges, while focusing on their underlying mission – to provide the best service to their citizens.

Federal Government

With pressure to adjust budgets, how can your organization identify cost-saving strategies that help fund high-priority projects? We enable the federal sector to achieve economic, social and managerial benefits through the modernization of their operations and technology.

Special Districts & Agencies

We help special districts enable efficient operations on limited budgets. Expertise in transportation, education and non-profit organizations are key advantages we bring to every engagement.

Tribal Governments

We assist Indian tribes in the development and maintenance of strong and stable tribal governments capable of administering quality programs and developing economies of their respective communities.

Return on Citizenship
State Governments

One common theme unites Panorama’s public sector client base –
Superior project and organizational performance.

Return on Citizenship

Return on citizenship can best be described as the amount of social value that citizens receive in return for their tax dollars. We help government entities achieve a high return on citizenship through social innovation and citizen engagement.

Who We Are


Panorama is a global leader in government management and independent enterprise consulting. We enable government entities and nonprofits worldwide to achieve economic, social and managerial success. Standardized methodologies are consistently used by all of Panorama’s global resources, to effectively deliver Management and Software Consulting, Assessment and Auditing and Soft Infrastructure Consulting. With Panorama, public sector organizations can find solutions that enable operational efficiency translating to increased return on citizenship.

A CIO’s Guide to Digital Government

A CIO’s Guide to Digital Government

While private sector organizations are innovating their processes and technology to improve their customer service, government organizations must race to keep up with citizens’ increasingly higher expectations. In the midst of this race, government organizations are...

What We Do


We apply our proven methodology to all areas of your organization — infrastructure, management, audit services and technology. Panorama provides input and leadership proven to minimize risk, accelerate implementation and increase the value of your project. We serve as trusted advisors by exercising fiduciary responsibility to our clients.

Partner with us to select, procure and acquire the ERP software that best fits your organization’s needs. We cut through the spin to determine which solution best suits the organization you are, and more importantly, the one you want to become.



Panorama consultants have exceptional backgrounds in management and IT consulting. Our consultants are trained in our proprietary assessment, strategy, software procurement and implementation methodologies. They hold diplomas across a full range of disciplines, from business administration and economics to engineering and information technology.

Because we provide a cross-functional team, our new hires work alongside seasoned specialists with years of industry and functional expertise. This management philosophy enables us to provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions that yield the greatest competitive advantage and value to our clients. Panorama is a certified small business entity (SBE) designed to help prime contractors reach their small business goals.

We are the global leader in government management and independent enterprise technology consulting. We are an SBA-certified IT consulting company with both public and private sector experience. For further information, please download our capabilities statement.



Panorama Government Solutions LLC has alliances with leading solution providers and technology experts to strengthen our delivery capabilities and capacity while ensuring timely access to best-of-breed technologies. While maintaining our independence, we leverage these relationships to meet the resource demands of services-based projects requiring an initial large ramp up of staff. Our elite-level partnerships with industry-leading firms ensure our clients receive the right services, for leading prices, to produce exceptional results.

We are always looking for new partnerships to best suit our clients’ unique needs. Small business entities/enterprises that are interested in working with Panorama should contact us by filling out the contact for below.

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