Whether you dispatch resources to residential properties, commercial buildings, or other locations, you know that field service can be customers’ most frequent encounter with your company. As you can imagine, this is a key area to automate with ERP software. It’s also an ideal area to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for data-driven decision making.

As an increasing number of companies in the field service industry adopt modern enterprise software, our ERP experts thought now would be the time to explore which systems have the strongest and most comprehensive functionality. That’s how our latest report came into being. The 2023 Top 10 Field Service Software Systems Report identifies the top field service management software.

If your primary business is field service or you use field service to provide product assistance, you’ll want to take a look at this list. We’ll provide a sneak peek here, but if you really want to see what these systems have to offer, it’s advisable to download the report.

The 2023 Top 10 Field Service Software Systems Report

Here are ten field service management systems that can help you transform one of your most essential customer-facing functions.

A Sneak Peek of the Top Field Service Management Software

How is AI Making Field Service Management More Efficient?

The field service management (FSM) systems included in the report harness modern and emerging technologies, such as AI, augmented reality (AR), and IoT technology. Many of these systems provide AI-powered mobile apps that empower technicians through knowledge, guidance, and automation.

Field service applications powered by AI are making technicians more efficient and driving customer satisfaction. Some examples include:

  • Suggesting knowledge articles and generating step-by-step guides, which are especially useful for on-the-job training
  • Making intelligent scheduling recommendations based on factors such as technician skills, fix times, locations, availability, SLAs, and spare parts
  • Suggesting preventative maintenance on customers’ IoT-enabled equipment

Though some of the most advanced AI functionality may not yet be widely available, your company can still benefit from the AI available today. We recommend looking for a vendor that prioritizes machine learning and mobile functionality.

What Challenges Can FSM Systems Solve?

Field service companies suffer many inefficiencies when dispatching employees or contractors to install, repair, or maintain equipment or systems. This is especially true in the manufacturing, high tech, and healthcare technology sectors.

In fact, most companies providing field service are feeling the pressure to innovate. This is true of utility companies, construction companies, oil & gas companies, and more.

Companies that do take that first step to innovation are finding that modern field service software can address challenges such as:

  • Inefficient Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Lack of Visibility
  • Ineffective Work Order Management
  • Poor Inventory Management
  • Lack of Customer Communication or Self-Service
  • Inaccurate Financial Tracking and Invoicing
  • Lack of Analytics and Performance Tracking
  • Lack of Mobility

When properly implemented and fully adopted, ERP systems with built-in field service functionality can solve these challenges. Niche field service applications can also address these areas, but only if integrated with an ERP system.

Regardless of the type of system you select, integrated data is essential. Without it you cannot perform functions such as:

  • Managing an inventory of spare parts and MRO items (this requires integration with an ERP procurement system).
  • Tracking product lifecycle costs (this requires integration with your corporate financial system)
  • Transforming the customer journey (this requires integration with your customer service organization)

The inability to perform a mission-critical function after go-live is one of the key reasons companies file lawsuits against their vendors. We know this because we’ve been in the courtroom with these parties as software expert witnesses.

“If your data isn’t ready for modern enterprise software, the software may create new pain points instead of solving existing ones.”

Bill Baumann, Director of Software Expert Witness

What Insights Will You Gain from The 2023 Top 10 Field Service Software Systems Report?

In addition to learning about the top field service management software, you’ll discover what pain points to look for as you assess your current technology. You’ll also gain an understanding of the essential functionality that FSM software should provide.

Most importantly, you’ll learn about some intriguing software capabilities that have emerged over the last couple years. We dedicate a strong focus to AI-driven functionality and provide examples of what that looks like within specific field service systems.

If you’re considering FSM software for your company, our ERP consultants can guide you through the software selection process. Our team is experienced in helping organizations across industries use enterprise software to make data-driven decisions.

Contact us below for a free consultation and be sure to download our 2023 Top 10 Field Service Software Systems Report.

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