Special Districts & Agencies

Panorama serves special districts by facilitating comprehensive management and ERP software initiatives to enable efficient operations on limited budgets. Expertise in transportation, education and non-profit organizations are the key advantages Panorama’s team brings to every engagement.

We understand the challenges facing public development, and our unique insights are regularly sought by special districts. Our consultants have experience both with districts and state education agencies. We also provide NGO ERP consultancy services.

The special districts we serve include the following:


  • State Investment & Retirement Boards
  • Airports
  • K-12
  • Higher Education
  • Water Districts
  • Utilities
  • Non-profits / NGOs
  • Recreation

ERP Should be an Asset, Not a Constraint

We have seen too many nonprofits select relatively inexpensive software that is supposed to work “out-of-the-box.” The vendor implements the software, provides training and then leaves. When all is said and done, the ERP system becomes a constraint instead of an asset.

It is critical for nonprofits to have the right resources at the right time to help them provide critical services to their community. Nonprofits also need to be able to respond efficiently to changing compliance and regulatory requirements no matter how complex the requirements. This is why it’s essential to hire ERP consultants.

Public sector ERP consultants can help your nonprofit or special district select and implement a fully integrated ERP system specifically designed for dynamic organizations. They also can ensure that processes continue to run smoothly despite the disruption of new software.

By selecting the right software from the beginning, you will have the foundation to quickly respond to evolving requirements and increasing scrutiny.

If you’re interested in ERP consulting for your nonprofit organization or special district, contact us today!

Success Stories

ERP Selection for The Nevada Irrigation District


Panorama assisted in the replacement of the client’s existing systems with a proven, commercial-off-the-shelf ERP system. The client undertook this initiative to replace aging systems, gain efficiencies and update existing processes. 

ERP Selection for a Non-Profit Organization


Panorama assisted the client in its ERP selection process, which included work to streamline business processes. After the initial planning, Panorama collected 400 business requirements at two different facilities.