DDI System

DDI SystemDDI System is a leading software company providing integrated ERP and CRM solutions for wholesale distributors of wholesale, plumbing, electrical and janitorial products.

Serving small to medium-sized businesses, DDI’s Inform Software effectively manages inventory, automates pricing, and streamlines workflow. This one integrated system incorporates warehouse management, accounting procedures and customer and sales relationship management to transform business operations. Remote access, smartphone synchronization and integration with Google Apps and UPS Roadnet helps businesses gain efficiencies and trim costs.

Date Founded1993
Organization Type (Public/Private)Private
Number of Employees35
Sales Method (Direct/VAR)
Geographical Coverage
Product Name(s)Inform
FocusWholesale Distirbution, Service
Manufacturing Type
Manufacturing Mode
Functional Modules
Deployment Options (Traditional/SaaS)Schmidt’s Wholesale, Inc., Master Plumbing Supply, Tool Town, Sterling Supply, New London TapeSaaS
Open Source
Source Code
Number of Software Updates Per Year
Industry ExpertiseWholesale Distribution, Industrial and Fasteners, Jansan, Paper, Packaging and Safety, PHCP, HVAC and PVF, Electrical and Lighting, Retail Showrooms, Manufacturers Representatives


Company NameDDI System
Street Address75 Glen Road Suite 204
CitySandy Hook