Blue Link Associates Limited

Bluelink Associated Limited

Blue Link ERP provides integrated inventory management and accounting ERP software for small to medium size businesses, and is best suited for those in the wholesale and distribution industry.

As an all-in-one system, Blue Link helps businesses streamline and automate their processes by providing inventory management, accounting, order entry, warehouse management, and customer relationship management. In addition, Blue Link provides various add-on components such as POS, lot tracking, landed cost tracking, eCommerce integration and barcode scanning and can be customized in order to meet the specific needs of clients.

Blue Link ERP is available throughout North America and the Caribbean and is offered as both a hosted (cloud based) and on-premises solution. These options provide clients the flexibility to decide which method best suits their business structure, with the option to switch between the two at any time.

Date Founded 1992
Organization Type (Public/Private) Private
Number of Employees 20-50
Sales Method (Direct/VAR) Direct
Geographical Coverage International
Product Name(s) Blue Link ERP
Focus Distribution
Manufacturing Type Repetitive
Manufacturing Mode Make to Stock
Functional Modules General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Budgeting, Financial Report Writer, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Warehousing, Bar Coding and Data Collection, Lot Control and Recall Management, Job Control, Production Recording, Customer Relationship Management, Quoting and Estimating, Order Management, EDI, Payroll, Business Intelligence, Dashboards, System Administration
Deployment Options (Traditional/SaaS) Both
Open Source No
Source Code Held in Escrow
Number of Software Updates Per Year One
Industry Expertise Wholesale, Distribution, Import, Export, eCommerce and Retail
Sample Clients D’Addario Canada, Snugglebugz, Peak Performance Products, Furniture Classics
Number of Users (Organizations) N/A
Recommended Number of Users 1-20, 21-100
Revenue Target SMB/SME
Active User Community (Y/N) Y
Annual Users Conference (Y/N) N


Traditional Deployments
Minimum Users 5
Maximum Users 100
Average Users Per Sale 20
Pricing Model Concurrent Users
List Price Pricing is available from the vendor
Implementation Cost Estimate 1:2
Annual Maintenance Fees 18%
SaaS Deployments
Minimum Users 5
Max Users 100
Average Users Per Sale 20
Monthly SaaS Fees (Fixed) Pricing is available from the vendor
Monthly SaaS Fees (Per User) Pricing is available from the vendor


Company Name Blue Link Associates Limited
Street Address 331 Cityview Boulevard Suite #200
City Vaughan
State Ontario
Zip L4H 3M3
Country Canada
Phone 877-258-5465
YouTube Channel