Odoo ERP Logo

Company Name Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)
Street Address 40 Chaussée de Namur
City Grand-Rosière
Zip B-1367
Country Belgium
Phone (+32) 81-81-37-00
Website http://www.odoo.com
Date Founded  2002
Organization Type (Public/Private)  Private
Number of Employees  300
Sales Method (Direct/VAR) Direct
Deployment Options (Traditional/SaaS) Traditional, SaaS
Product Name(s) Odoo 10
Focus Manufacturing, Distribution
Manufacturing Type Discrete
Industry Expertise Finance, Food, Manufacturing, Public, Education, Telecommunications, Entertainment
Sample Clients Danone, AT&T, McKinsey&Company, Huawei,  Auchan, Singer, WWF
Number of Users (Organizations)  2,000,000 users and 50,000 organizations
Recommended Number of Users
Revenue Target SMB
Number of Software Updates Per Year
Active User Community (Y/N) Y
Annual Users Conference (Y/N)  Y