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Company Name Exact Holding N.V.
Street Address Molengraaffsingel 33
City Delft
Zip 2629 JD
Country Netherlands
Phone +31 15 711 5396
Email [email protected]
Date Founded 1984
Organization Type (Public/Private) Public
Number of Employees 2,200
Sales Method (Direct/VAR) Direct, VAR
Deployment Options (Traditional/SaaS) Traditional
Product Name(s) Macola 10, Globe, Synergy
Focus Manufacturing, Distribution, Service
Manufacturing Type Make-to-Stock, Make-to-Order, Configure-to-Order, Assemble-to-Order, Engineer-to-Order
Industry Expertise Construction, Finance, Insurance, And Real Estate, Manufacturing, Public Administration, Retail Trade, Services, Transportation, Communications, Electric, Gas, Sanitary Services, Wholesale Trade
Sample Clients P&T Group, ORCOM France, Nishiba Industries Corporation, Siemens AG
Number of Users (Organizations) 100,000
Recommended Number of Users 1-1,000
Revenue Target SMB, SME
Number of Software Updates Per Year 4+
Active User Community (Y/N) Y
Annual Users Conference (Y/N) Y