IQMS logo

Company Name IQMS
Street Address 2231 Wisteria Lane
City Paso Robles
State CA
Zip 93446
Country USA
Phone (805) 227-1122
Date Founded 1989
Organization Type (Public/Private) Private
Number of Employees  325
Sales Method (Direct/VAR) Direct in North America, Partners in ROW
Deployment Options (Traditional/SaaS) Premise, Managed Hosting, SaaS
Product Name(s) EnterpriseIQ
Focus Manufacturing
Manufacturing Type Repetitive and batch process
Industry Expertise Automotive, Medical, Consumer Industrial and Electronics, Plastics, Metal, and Assembly
Sample Clients MPC, Phillips Medisize, Electrolux, SKF, SMC, Novabone, Horizon Die
Number of Users (Organizations)  1100
Recommended Number of Users  5 to Full Enterprise Licensing
Revenue Target Mid-Market Manufacturers
Number of Software Updates Per Year  1+ service packs
Active User Community (Y/N) Yes
Annual Users Conference (Y/N) Yes
Last Update by Vendor January 3, 2017