Syspro ERP Logo

Company NameSYSPRO Impact Software, Inc.
Street Address959 South Coast Drive, Suite 100
CityCosta Mesa
Phone714-437-1000 or or
Date Founded1978
Organization Type (Public/Private)Private
Number of Employees350
Sales Method (Direct/VAR)Direct, VAR
Deployment Options (Traditional/SaaS)Traditional
Product Name(s)SYSPRO ERP
FocusManufacturing, Distribution
Manufacturing Type
Industry ExpertiseAerospace, Automotive Components and Accessories, Chemicals and Fertilizers, Consumer Durables, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Machinery and Equipment, Medical Devices, Metal Fabrication, Plastics and Rubbers, Wholesale Distribution
Sample ClientsTungum Hydraulics, Pierce Pacific, Bags and Boxes, Bendalls Engineering, Chocolate Potpourri, Acro, Pen Products, Black Cat Fireworks
Number of Users (Organizations)14,000
Revenue TargetSMB