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Company Name Retalix
Street Address 10 Zarhin street
City Ra’anana
Zip 43000
Country Israel
Phone 972-9-776-6677
Date Founded 1982
Organization Type (Public/Private) Public
Number of Employees 1,300
Sales Method (Direct/VAR)
Deployment Options (Traditional/SaaS) Traditional
Product Name(s) Retalix DemandAnalytX, Retalix Fuel, Retalix HQ, Retalix InSync, Retalix InSync ThinStore, Retalix Loyalty, Retalix PocketOffice, Retalix Power Enterprise, Retalix SCM, Retalix Store, Retalix StoreLine, Retalix StorePoint, Retalix Transportation, StoreNext
Focus Retail
Industry Expertise Supermarkets, Convenience Stores and Petroleum, and Foodservice
Sample Clients Tesco, Irving, BP, Reliance Retail, Woolworths, Toys R Us, Burger King, Golf & Co, Checkers, Ritz Foodservice
Number of Users (Organizations) 40,000 (Sites)
Revenue Target SME, Fortune 500
Annual Users Conference (Y/N) Y