Over the years, we’ve talked extensively about the power of organizational change management. Yet, talking about change management is only so convincing. Sharing real-life stories can drive the point home and help you visualize your own company following suit. 

What is change management? It is the process of looking at the human side of a project, and today, we’re sharing a few of our favorite change management success stories to inspire, encourage, and motivate you as you move forward in your ERP implementation

Navigating Change with Rick & Christi

Watch these short and sweet videos to learn about change management from the experts! The series features Rick Platz and Christi Trinder from Panorama’s change management team, who share how they develop and implement successful change strategies for clients.

The Aerospace Industry

A global organization implemented an ERP system across several of its aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturing plants. The rollout was successful, but user adoption was lagging. 

The issue? End-users were hesitant to embrace the new software. The technical features were complex, and the implementation had catalyzed a business process standardization that meant changes to their familiar workflows. As a result, end-users were reverting to workarounds, devising their own ways of using (or not using) the system.

While the organization was planning to upgrade to the latest version of their ERP system, they realized they had to address these change management issues, first. 

The Panorama Approach

We devoted two change management experts to this project. These experts conducted on-site interviews and video interviews with the following stakeholders:

  • End users 
  • Plant GMs
  • Executive leadership team

Conversations centered on how employees were using/not using the system. Our team also inquired about how the organization had approached change management initiatives in the past and asked about the structure of the current leadership team. 

We then made recommendations for actionable steps that would help the organization reach its desired future state.

Measurable Business Results

Based on findings and feedback, the organization uncovered several internal issues that were impeding full adoption of the ERP software. To achieve full benefits realization, the organization recognized that it must address these roadblocks before moving forward with system upgrades.

You can read more about this case study on our website.

The Food and Beverage Industry

One of our clients in the F&B industry faced a few challenges when they replaced their legacy system with a modern ERP solution

Chiefly, the learning curve was substantial, and the change management plan provided by the vendor was basic, at best. Though it covered certain deliverables and activities, it failed to address important aspects, such change management communication.

Moreover, the client’s operations were spread across multiple locations. Each had unique requirements and their own set of questions and concerns. 

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive change management approach, they asked our team for support. 

The Panorama Approach

We began by developing a strong relationship with the client to better understand how they operated and the facets of their company culture.

Working with their vendor’s dedicated change management lead, we developed a thorough change management strategy, complete with:


  • A communication plan and collateral
  • A training plan for a change champions network team
  • Branding and messaging for the ERP project

Measurable Business Results

We expect that with the new change management plan in place, this company will increase employee buy-in and engagement.

This brief explains this case in greater detail.

The Retail Industry

When a large, global retailer wanted to upgrade its systems, it turned to SAP. However, it soon realized that to maximize the return on the investment, organizational change management was required. 

Lacking experience in this realm, they hired our team to provide customized, on-site training. Simultaneously, they also needed assistance implementing several inventory management modules.

The Panorama Approach

To help the retailer maximize system usage and employee buy-in, we assigned five change management consultants to this project. These consultants took the lead on several project initiatives, including customized training and employee communication.

Our team also equipped the client’s internal resources with the knowledge and tools necessary to continue change management entirely in-house.

Measurable Business Results

As a result of our support, this retailer successfully integrated change management into its SAP implementation. This resulted in higher rates of user adoption, as well as significant cost savings. Ultimately, they received SAP’s Retail Implementation of the Year award!

You can find out more details in this case study.

The Manufacturing Industry

This $60M tool manufacturer thought that one web-based training session would be enough to bring employees up to speed on their new ERP system. Still, they brought our consultants on board to evaluate the effectiveness of this plan. 

The Panorama Approach

We conducted an evaluation after the first end-user training session concluded. We found the results to be alarming, noting that the pass rate for end-users was very low. We suggested a different approach, and then facilitated the following:

  • Two in-classroom training sessions
  • One follow-up web session

This delayed the original go-live date by two months, but it ensured that employees were well-educated on the system. 

Measurable Business Results

Once the system went live, employees were ready for the change and knew how to use all aspects of the system to perform their respective duties. As a result, the project was successful, and the client enjoyed ERP benefits realization five months ahead of schedule. 

You can find more case studies here.

Join Our Change Management Success Stories

The case studies listed above are just a few of our change management success stories. Through the years, we’ve helped many companies around the world maximize their ERP business benefits using this approach. 

Our approach doesn’t just ready your workforce to embrace the ERP software at their fingertips. It sets your business up for long-term system usage and employee engagement. 

If you’re struggling in this area, our organizational change management consultants can help. Contact us below for a free consultation and let’s get started. 

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