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ERP Case Study: Retail

Client Problem

A large, global retailer in the process of implementing SAP software, engaged Panorama to provide customized, on-site training to the company’s internal resources. Panorama facilitated train-the-trainer sessions focused on organizational change management.

Problem Highlights

  • Lack of organizational change management experience
  • Needed to implement inventory management modules (MM, SD &RMM), while successfully executing training and communications in-house

Panorama Solution

Panorama provided five organizational change management consultants to maximize ERP system usage, end-user buy-in and overall implementation results. Integrated as part of the client’s project team, contract resources included an organizational change lead, training lead and communications lead. At a later phase in the implementation, Panorama trained the client’s internal resources so the company could execute change management activities entirely in-house.

Solution Highlights

  • Provided contract resources to assist with organizational change activities, communication and training
  • Created customized ERP training materials, and spent a week on-site facilitating train-the-trainer educational sessions and workshops

Measurable Business Results

  • Successfully integrated organizational change management into the SAP implementation
  • Realized significant cost savings
  • Received SAP’s Retail Implementation of the Year Award

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