Change Management Case Study | Aerospace and Defense


After implementing an ERP system across several aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturing plants, this global organization found its end-users were struggling with both technical usage and business process standardization related to the system. The company was considering an upgrade to the latest version of the system but recognized it was struggling with project management governance at the executive level, end-user usage and adoption and benefits realization.

  • Employees were continuing to rely on workarounds, such as Excel and AS/400
  • Employees had developed their own ways of using (or not using) the system
  • The company was struggling with bettering its project management governance at the executive level
  • The company was struggling with change management and ERP benefits realization initiatives

Client Challenges

  • Lack of executive and stakeholder alignment
  • Lack of business process standardization and oversight
  • Lack of true business benefit realization from ERP software
  • Lack of effective project governance structure

Panorama Approach

Panorama devoted two organizational change management experts to the account, who conducted extensive on-site and video interviews with end-users in different functional areas, plant GMs and the executive leadership team. These provided valuable insights into issues and opportunities and action steps that allowed the team to align their efforts to move forward and develop a plan to help the company support the new application in the long term.

  • Assessed employee usage / non-usage of the system, including workarounds, customization and pain points
  • Assessed past organizational change management initiatives at the organization, including training (for new hires and existing staff members), communication and end-user buy-in strategies and tactics
  • Assessed executive leadership team, including its overall structure and project governance framework
  • Provided an assessment of the organization’s current state as well as key recommendations and a timeline of steps to take to reach its desired state
  • Engaged leadership team at several key milestones throughout the project to provide insights and coaching opportunities

Highlights of Results

Based on the findings and recommendation of Panorama, the organization determined that in order to optimize their ERP system and fully realize their ROI, they must first address their internal organizational issues prior to investing in and implementing the upgraded software.