Project Feasibility Analysis

We examine technological and organizational initiatives to determine the best path to benefits realization and ROI.

Private and public sector organizations rely on our independent analyses and assessments to determine their projects’ feasibility. By relying on our expertise, organizations are able to initiate and manage projects that result in operational efficiency and high return on investment.

What We Deliver

  • Budget Analysis: An assessment of the project’s cash flow and resource allocation estimations.
  • Economic Modeling: A short- and long-term forecast of the project’s ability to create economic value for the organization and its stakeholders.
  • Financial Analysis: A comprehensive financial breakdown of the project’s anticipated funding and revenue generation opportunities (including rates of return, capital investments, payback periods, etc.) over the lifespan of the project.
  • Citizen Impact Analysis: For government agencies, we conduct a thorough study of the projected impacts of the project on the physical, social, cultural, economic and political environments.
  • Market Research: Deep-dive research and analysis for specific industries and verticals relevant to the project and the proposed project plan.
  • Needs Assessment: A study of the true need for the project, the beneficiaries of the project and an evaluation of how organizational needs will be addressed by the project, or if the needs would be better addressed by an alternative approach.

Although every project differs in its goals, needs and scope, Panorama starts each engagement by comprehensively cataloging both internal and external factors – including project leadership, resource availability, existing infrastructure, public demand and regulations – that will impact the project’s health and long-term viability. The feasibility of the project is then determined and documented through both a technical and economic lens:

  • The Technical Feasibility Analysis takes into account the organization’s current state, as well as existing resource capabilities and the availability/sustainability of new technological offerings.
  • The Economic Feasibility Analysis examines the long-term revenue generation potential of the project, including both tangible and intangible elements. Additional analyses – including cultural feasibility, social feasibility, political feasibility and environmental feasibility – may be deployed depending on client needs and objectives.

Every Project Feasibility Analysis concludes with a comprehensive conclusions and recommendations document, outlining Panorama’s independent and objective findings on the project, its overall viability and next steps to meet organizational goals.

Case Study

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