LEAN Government

Panorama deploys its proprietary LEAN Government™ methodology which eliminates non-value added activities to enable our public sector clients to deliver outstanding, unparalleled service to its citizens. Our service offering is rooted in Lean Six Sigma and proven to reduce costs, improve integration and functionality and increase value through targeted government process management, reengineering and optimization. Our novel approach draws on lessons learned from our private sector consulting engagements to strengthen and improve government operations. By ensuring that all of the project’s complexity, assumptions, risks, issues and opportunities are comprehensively identified and managed, Panorama empowers government agencies to enjoy increased project success and ROI. We conduct LEAN Government activities in three key phases:

Phase OneEstablishing LEAN Governance – Activities included in this phase include developing the enterprise implementation plan, the project communications plan, key messages, the IV&V coordination plan, the initiative strategy, the value streams and value stream prioritization, and key performance indicators (hard and soft). The majority of the activities are conducted with Panorama and the leadership level of the government agency.

Phase TwoEnabling LEAN Transition – To establish the government agency’s ongoing internal capabilities, Panorama then turns its focus to the division level. Activities during this stage include determining the division-level LEAN transition plan, value streams, divisional improvement KPIs and tracking measures, roles and responsibilities and – of course – the process improvements necessary to bring the agency to enhanced levels of productivity, quality and safety. Further, Panorama conducts several types of LEAN orientation events and divisional improvement events to ensure the entire organization is educated, engaged and ready to take advantage of the process improvements to come.

Phase ThreeEnabling LEAN Culture Shift – The third phase of the LEAN Government engagement delivers the ability for government agencies to learn, conduct and sustain LEAN government process improvement activities over the long term. The key activities of this phase include determining the culture shift plan, organizational change management plan and transition strategy as well as the divisional training requirements, participants, events and schedule. To further strengthen the agency’s internal assets, Panorama also provides mentoring and coaching, facilitates employee-led LEAN events and monitors the overall culture shift to ensure performance targets are being met and recommend mitigation activities in areas of risk.

Panorama’s LEAN Government service offering accelerates the project timeline, reduces cost and time durations, and creates an environment for optimized benefits realization and transition to the desired end-state. Government bodies that train their workforce on the principles of Lean Six Sigma and incorporate the identified improvements in a holistic, structured and sustained manner enjoy improved quality, improved delivery of their core mission and reduced expenditures. Contact us to learn more about Panorama’s LEAN Government offering or any of our other management or technology consulting services.