Independent Assessments

Panorama’s independence is a value at the core of our government service offerings. Our vendor and technology agnosticism is not just a marketing slogan; it is the fundamental principle of our organization. We do not have financial ties to any technology company — a differentiator that enables us to seek the unfiltered truth in any type of assessment we provide. It’s what the citizens deserve and expect from their government and what the government needs to best serve its citizens.

Our Independent Assessments service offering is typically called upon for one of four types of initiatives: project recovery, gap fit analyses, quality assurance and / or ERP audit.

Project Recovery

Following ERP or IT implementation, many public sector entities realize that their organization failed in a very real way to realize the benefits they anticipated when the project began. This is a common issue across both the public sector and the private one. What is not common is Panorama’s diligence in the determination of what went wrong, the delivery of the exact steps to make it right and the management of the project recovery initiative to drive quantifiable improvements. Government agencies know they need an independent third-party consulting firm to conduct an assessment as to why they aren’t realizing expected benefits, take control of the project and make the necessary changes to get it back on track. Government agencies also know that Panorama is the third-party consulting firm of choice for a project of this magnitude.

Gap Fit Analysis

After government agencies have implemented an enterprise solution, they often discover operational issues that have a negative effect on benefits realization, system usage and overall performance. In a project of this type, Panorama experts conduct a Gap Fit Analysis in which government processes and ERP system functions are documented, evaluated and compared to identify what was correctly implemented and what gaps still exist. Our proprietary Gap Fit methodology includes five key components:

    • Simulated pilot
    • Facilitated brainstorming
    • Online questionnaire
    • On-site focus groups
    • Custom hybrid

These steps allow us to understand the differences between what was promised by the software vendor and what was realized by the government agency and conclude actionable steps to close the gaps between the two.

Quality Assurance

Throughout the implementation of an enterprise system, governments engage with Panorama to provide expert monitoring and quality assurance. We provide a planned, pragmatic and systematic means for assuring the citizens that the defined practices, methods, standards and procedures of the project are correctly applied.

Throughout our government consulting projects, we have found that the most effective way to manage quality is to prevent mistakes and defects at the early stages of an enterprise technology project lifecycle. It is always less costly to detect and fix an issue earlier in a project than later.

Panorama enables the public sector to ensure their citizens that they have comprehensive and independent control by providing quality assurance consulting services to all levels of government. Our services include the monitoring of:

    • Process Improvement
    • Process Training
    • Process Compliance Review
    • Project Status Reporting
    • Work Product Review
    • Project Facilitation
    • QA Service Desk

ERP Audit

After a government IT or ERP implementation has “gone live,” agencies, stakeholders and citizens rightfully need to understand what has occurred — and how it will benefit them both individually and collectively. Panorama’s proprietary, technology-agnostic methodology audits the entire, 360-degree lifecycle of an ERP project to provide the metrics, evaluations and analyses necessary for reporting. Our deep experience with IT and ERP implementations in both the public and private sector have given us a wealth of best practice knowledge against which to audit the initiative and provide the basis for any recommendations for improved usability and ROI.

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