Disaster Recovery and Emergency Fund Management

Helping homeowners and serving your community


When disaster strikes, your agency needs the expertise and resources to understand regulations and receive funding for recovery. To meet the needs of homeowners, your agency must find the team with the right expertise for your community. When your agency hires the Panorama team, you can be certain that homeowners are in good hands.

What We Deliver

Panorama helps clients improve the efficiency of their HUD-funded and FEMA-funded projects. Comprised of former HUD and FEMA personnel, specializing in CDBG-DR, our team assists communities in administering emergency funds, we assist federal, state and local governments with planning, administration, grant management, compliance and policy development monitoring. Rooted in our proprietary PERFECT Recovery™ Program Administration Methodology, Panorama’s Disaster Recovery and Emergency Management Services include:


For FEMA-funded Projects

  • Individual Assistance (IA)
  • Public Assistance (PA)
  • 404 & 406 mitigation projects
  • Pre- and post-event planning for future disasters
  • FEMA project worksheet development

Client Testimonials

“We engaged Panorama Government Solutions, LLC (Panorama) as a subcontractor for two years from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2016. The CDBG-DR program provided home buyout, acquisition, and relocation services to homeowners whose dwellings were damaged from several storms including Hurricane Sandy and Irene. Panorama delivered quality work on time and on budget. Panorama’s employees developed a strong compliance process. Panorama helped GOSR exceed expectations when closed properties went for auction. The HTFC CDBG-DR program was a success.”
Ed Mangini, President
Copper River IT, LLC
“The home acquisition and buyout program, officially called New York Rising, was a success. Panorama provided the bulk of employees for the day-to-day operations in New York along with back office services in accounting and human resources. The New York Rising program required Panorama to provide home buyout and acquisition services to New Yorkers whose homes were damaged in Hurricane Sandy and Irene. This opt-in program allowed homeowners to sell their damaged homes to GOSR and be relocated in safe homes. The buyout program was multi­ faceted and Panorama employees provided homeowners with home buyout, acquisition, and relocation services. In all, Panorama provided quality services on time and within budget that helped make this New York Rising program a success for GOSR and the NY homeowners.”
Jim Miner, President
Moss Cape, LLC

Why Work With Us

  • We are the only firm that deploys its proprietary case management software allowing for automated HUD compliance tracking at the transactional level.
  • Our team consists of members of the communities that we serve. We establish a presence in storm-damaged communities to help homeowners recover as quickly as possible.
  • Our standardized methodologies are consistently used by all of Panorama’s global resources, and have allowed us to be efficient in the delivery of our services and cost-effective to our clients.


After receiving funding through HUD, FEMA, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund or the Red Cross, your agency should begin recovery efforts by partnering with Panorama, one of the largest providers of Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Services.

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