Program Intake Services

Giving your community access to resources is critical. When disaster strikes, how will you help your citizens understand which resources are available to assist with recovery?

What We Deliver

  • Managing CDBG-DR grants
  • Developing grant applications for EDA, FEMA, HUD, EPA, Wildlife and Fisheries, and USDA Funding
  • Enrolling applicants
    • Communicating with participants about eligible properties, participation requirements and the application process
    • Providing required notices and documentary information
    • Ensuring participants provide all requested documents
    • Evaluating applications and qualifications for each potential program participant
    • Informing applicants of acceptance or rejection
      • Informing applicants of what is required to improve application
  • Administering Duplication of Benefits (DOB)
    • Conducting DOB offer and closing meetings, in person, with each applicant
      • We also conduct DOB meetings remotely. Our team is flexible and will do whatever is necessary to accommodate the homeowner.
    • Assisting applicants with completing applications, including all supporting documents, receipts, insurance payments, eligible expenses, benefits received, FEMA Declarations and Releases, etc.
  • Administering Verification of Benefits (VOB)
    • Ensuring the homeowner receives the amount of benefits they deserve
  • Requesting the following from applicants: insurance policies covering the property, income verification, tax returns, documents showing the types and amounts of all other disaster benefits received
  • Ensuring that required notices are sent to participants for program eligibility
  • Explaining how property fair market value (FMV) is determined
  • Explaining the appeals process, the FMV amount and the potential risks
  • Coordinating property inspections
    • Obtaining documentary evidence that the property is eligible for the program
    • Verifying the buyout area in which the property is located
    • Coordinating lead and asbestos inspections and clearance testing
  • Processing applicant awards

After receiving funding through HUD, FEMA, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund or the Red Cross, your agency should begin recovery efforts by partnering with the leader in emergency fund management and disaster recovery. Contact us to learn how our team can help your community and your citizens recover and prosper.


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