Right of Way and Site Acquisition Services

Homeowners deserve fair and compassionate treatment during the acquisition process. We help your agency acquire properties and relocate citizens while maximizing efficiency and ensuring compliance.

What We Deliver

  • Uniform Act acquisition and relocation
    • HUD compliance
      • Providing HUD waiver requests and policy liaison
      • Ensuring that programs optimize occupancy and sales rates
      • Ensuring that accounting of inventory is accurate
      • Assisting with the completion of HUD financial documentation and closing forms
    • Environmental inspections
      • Managing environmental and regulatory permitting
      • Identifying and mitigating environmental and health risks
    • Policy development and documentation of regulatory requirements
      • Drafting policy and procedures manuals
    • Appraisal reviews
    • Managing housing reconstruction and rehabilitation
    • Construction support
    • Managing economic development programs
    • Conducting feasibility studies
    • Deploying geographic information systems (GIS)
    • Global positioning system (GPS) surveying and mapping
    • Lease/easement negotiations and procurement
    • Railroad and road permitting
    • Title abstracting
      • Assistance with clearing title defects
    • Wetland delineation and natural resource consulting
      • Wetland permitting
    • Infrastructure development
      • Managing public infrastructure planning and compliance requirements
    • Compliance and closing coordination
      • Providing recommendations on buyer’s closing costs based on Uniform Act guidelines
      • Assuming cost and risk of injury
      • Assuming expense of removing the abandoned personal property
      • Assisting in the completion of HUD-required documentation

After receiving funding through HUD, FEMA, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund or the Red Cross, your agency should begin recovery efforts by partnering with the leader in emergency fund management and disaster recovery. Contact us to learn how our team can help your community and your citizens recover and prosper.


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