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Craig Wright

Panorama Consulting Solutions, the world’s leading independent ERP consulting firm, recently hired Craig Wright as Manager within Client Services. Wright is experienced with ERP implementations, especially those involving Microsoft Dynamics products.

Wright also has led organizations through software selection and partner selection. He has served clients in the service, retail, e-commerce and manufacturing industries.

“I’m looking forward to working with Panorama on global projects across a variety of industries,” said Wright. “In my new position, I will manage teams to complete projects on budget and on schedule.”

While Wright has extensive consulting experience, he also has been in his clients’ shoes as the implementing organization. This has contributed to his expertise in strategic planning, operations management, project management, team building, process improvement, vendor sourcing and software development cycles.

“I enjoy collaborating with stakeholders at all levels of the organization,” said Wright. “I strive to build relationships and enable organizations to address technical pain points.”

In his most recent position, Wright assisted with redesigning business processes while managing implementations of new enterprise systems. Wright’s approach to ERP projects aligns with Panorama’s vision, which is to strategically deploy technology, so it aligns with each organization’s business goals.

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