ERP Systems For Field Services (Oil and Gas)

The field service industry and oil and gas companies can enjoy a wide variety of benefits from ERP software. Enterprise resource planning software, or ERP for short, is a suite of software used to manage all of your business processes – from supply chain to finances, operations, manufacturing, logistics and more. And at Panorama Consulting, we can help you choose the right ERP for your oil and gas business.

The Benefits Of ERP For Oil And Gas Companies

ERP for oil and gas field service companies integrates all of your business’s most important functions into a single piece of software – providing a unified, integrated, and streamlined experience for managers and team members.

Among other things, ERP helps deliver better reports, provides a bird’s-eye-view of all operations, provides real-time data on resource availability, and can also help with scheduling, optimizing efficiency, and reducing operational costs on oil rigs, drilling platforms, processing centers, and more. To name just a few, some common features of ERP for oil and gas companies include:

  • Asset tracking and management
  • Cost monitoring functions
  • Scheduling and planning
  • Safety tracking and monitoring
  • Financial and accounting software
  • Maintenance scheduling and alerts

With these integrated tools and more, you can maximize efficiency and profitability throughout the entire project lifecycle.

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