Did you know that ERP systems were originally created to solve the internal process tangles of manufacturing?  If you are in the business of manufacturing, no matter how big or small the product you manufacture, you need an ERP system to make your life easier. 

ERP systems can help you to optimize your internal processes, which saves time for employees and makes their jobs easier.  These ERP systems can also make customers happier because these internal processes are in place and so when they call or ask a question, staff will better be prepared to help. 

Below are a few reasons why manufacturing companies should be utilizing Enterprise Resource Planning software:

1. With its Core Functionality, ERP Systems Integrate all Things Within the Company

From stock management to report generation, manufacturing ERP systems are designed to take on many needs of multiple departments and manage them well.  Especially noted for their functionality in relationship management and billing, ERP systems can help stop the endless cycle of tracking down invoices.  This makes for a happier customer list if their orders are being properly processed and order are getting out timely.  This also makes for a happier billing department because all of the invoices are easy to locate, track and send out. 

2. Manufacturing can be a Complex Process, and You Need a Tool to Help

As a manufacturer, you most likely have hundreds, if not thousands, of SKU’s in inventory, so you had better have a foolproof system to keep track of everything. Whether new SKU’s are being added or SKU’s are being discontinued, there is a need to constantly update the inventory system at a manufacturing company, and a proper ERP implementation can assist with that.  Aside from SKU tracking, ERP systems can also help with order tracking and administrative functions.

SAP vs. Oracle Case Study

SAP and Oracle both invest heavily in cloud technology. However, our client was skeptical about cloud scalability and unsure if the products were mature and proven.

3. ERP Systems Offer Reporting and Automation for When You Need to Look Through Data or Compile Analytics

In manufacturing, there is often a need to compile data for meetings or inventory discussions.  It is times like these that ERP systems can help you in compiling these reports without endless hours and multiple programs to do it.  This will save time and money which will ultimately make the ERP system the best investment for a manufacturing business.

4. ERP was Originally Created for Manufacturing

Originally called Material Requirements Planning (MRP), the systems we know today as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) were created to manage inventory for manufacturing.  For anyone who has been involved in a manufacturing company, either from an administrative or managerial role, you know how daunting of a task it can be to track inventory.  This becomes especially daunting if you’re manufacturing either a large product with many pieces or small widgets with thousands of SKU’s. CRM system functionality within your core ERP software can further help track inventory and customer orders.

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