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UNIT4, the global leader in software that supports business change, today announced that the City of Gothenburg in Sweden has selected UNIT4 Agresso AB as its ERP provider after a procurement process that has been ongoing since December 2012. Under the agreement, UNIT4 Agresso AB will deliver a cloud based ERP system that will cover the entire City of Gothenburg, including the municipalities within the city.

“The cloud based Agresso ERP system felt complete and mature, and UNIT4 is able to deliver a full flexible service which is very consistent with our terms and requirements,” said Eva Hessman, Director of Finance at City of Gothenburg.

The ERP system replacement is an important part of the City of Gothenburg´s new efficiency drive it calls NEKK, which it has been working towards over the last couple of years. The new ERP system is scheduled to be implemented during 2014. The agreement with UNIT4 Agresso AB also includes a subcontracting commitment with Tieto as its partner to provide the operational aspects of the cloud service. Tieto’s ability to produce scalable and reliable cloud services has been crucial in the selection of an operating partner.

“We are proud that the City of Gothenburg has selected Agresso, as it confirms that our long-term effort to create flexible, attractive and cost-effective solutions, available in multiple delivery models, is a winning concept. The City´s procurement model enabled us to get an early understanding of their requirements and future challenges, which provided the opportunity for us to show the flexibility inherent in our ERP solution. This created a good climate for negotiations with mutual confidence at an early stage,” said Jeremias Jansson, Managing Director, UNIT4 Agresso AB.