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Unit 4 Agresso NV, the global business software company, today announced it is changing its brand name to UNIT4 and will be applying that name across all companies in the group worldwide from February 1st.

This move follows a series of acquisitions in recent years that has seen the company grow to become a top six mid-market ERP software player globally and the 2nd largest European ERP supplier. The rebranding of the group and its subsidiaries represents the start of the company’s next stage of growth.

The group will go to market under the proposition ‘Embracing Change’, highlighting its focus and vision to set the global standard for business software that helps dynamic organizations in both the commercial and public sector adapt to internal and external driven changes simply, quickly and cost effectively.

“The move will give us a single, clear name worldwide, helping us focus our marketing and communications efforts and build a truly global business software brand in the coming years,” said Chris Ouwinga, CEO and President of UNIT4. “Our value proposition ‘Embracing Change’ clearly differentiates us, highlighting our unique focus on helping clients to cope with change in its many forms. It’s a differentiator that is particularly resonant in such uncertain economic and market conditions. With continued investment in all our market leading products, under a single brand and with a powerful unified vision, we will be more focused, prominent and successful than ever.”

The group has a growing number of products and brands around the world. The rebrand will improve global awareness, eliminate confusion in the market and provide a strong and clearly differentiated platform for continued growth.


UNIT4 is a global business software company that creates, delivers and supports adaptable business software and services globally to help dynamic organizations manage their business needs effectively. We aspire to set the global standard for business software that helps dynamic organizations to embrace change simply, quickly and cost effectively. We have a broad portfolio of solutions that address different markets, requirements, technologies and types of organization.

With offices in 13 European countries, as well 6 countries across North America, Asia Pacific and Africa and sales activities in several other countries, a revenue of €393.6 million was realized in 2008. UNIT4 is headquartered in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands. The company has around 3,450 employees.

The Group incorporates a number of the world’s leading change embracing software brands including Agresso Business World and CODA financial management software.

For services intensive organizations, the Agresso Business World ERP suite is widely acknowledged as the business software solution that delivers the lowest Total Cost of Change. This is achieved thanks to its VITA™ architecture which allows for ongoing, post-implementation changes without the typical external IT costs and services that can cost firms huge sums of money each year.

CODA, our best-of-class financials brand, offers mid- to large sized organizations around the world financial management, analysis and business process management. CODA solutions are differentiated by its LINK™ architecture that provides financial executives a ‘no compromise’ approach to application change management by allowing business systems to be added or changed and easily integrated into the most dependable enterprise financials solution on the market.