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Stockholm – December 21, 2010 – Deltek (NASDAQ: PROJ) today announced that two departments (Maintenance and Property) under the Swedish municipality of Västerås have selected Deltek Maconomy to improve their ability to manage complex projects. The deal will be valid for three years with a two-year extension option. The deal also involves an option for other departments in Västerås Stad to adopt the solution.

Deltek won the business in a showdown with several other software providers. The implementation will commence in the spring of 2011.

“Of all the systems we assessed, Deltek Maconomy was the solution that fit our requirements most accurately. Our thorough software evaluation showed that Deltek Maconomy offers the performance and functionality that we need. According to our calculations, we’ll start seeing a return on our investment in 2-3 years,” says Joakim Eriksson, CFO of Teknik- och idrottsförvaltningen (Maintenance Department), Västerås Stad.

Fastighetskontoret (Property Department) in Västerås Stad is responsible for a large number of investment and property projects, while Teknik- och idrottsförvaltningen (Maintenance Department) manages a large number of projects mainly for municipal administrations and companies, including maintenance of public parks and roads.

“Today, Swedish municipalities organize the majority of their activities into projects. However, most municipalities don’t have modern tools for project management and follow-up. We are very excited about this initiative by Västerås Stad, and this is an extremely interesting market for us as a provider of enterprise software solutions to project-focused organizations. Municipal departments look more and more like the project-focused companies we have collaborated with for decades, such as IT and technical consulting firms,” says Stefan Grahn, Managing Director, Sweden.

“With Deltek Maconomy, it will now be much easier for departments within Västerås Stad to follow up on their projects. Furthermore, project managers will be able to perform project planning by themselves, which will help decentralize project control. The entire organization is looking forward to using the system,” Joakim Eriksson continued.

About Västerås Stad

The municipality of Västerås – Västerås Stad – is located near Stockholm. The capitol is Västerås. With 137,000 people, the municipality is the sixth-largest in Sweden with a 2010 budget of SEK 5.7 billion. For more information, please visit