Fueling Consumption Assessment FAQs

Q: What do I need to provide for the assessment to be performed?

A: Monthly bills for energy consumption in the production, facilities heating/lighting and fleet fueling if applicable

Q: How do I know this isn’t a sales scheme in disguise?

A: As a third party and completely independent consulting firm, Panorama will make recommendations regarding equipment and vendors but does not receive compensation from any of them.

Q: What if I want to do a pilot to prove the new fuel source works before adopting it in all our facilities?

A: We encourage piloting this type of program as there is training required for operations in order to receive the maximum savings possible through the new fuel. This training must be crafted to fit into your current operations and can be iterative at times.

Q: Do Panorama consultants need to be onsite in order to complete the study?

A: Yes. In order to assess all potential savings opportunities we need to be onsite to interview appropriate parties, examine facilities and production equipment and understand the nature of fleet travel. Other anomalies that must be considered are seasonality, climatic issues, transport challenges and facility footprint restrictions.