Conduct Organizational and Business Readiness Assessment

The Panorama team will conduct a series of activities to analyze and optimize employee acceptance and address resistance to the potential ERP organizational changes. In particular, the Panorama team will:

  • Conduct an executive survey and workshop to ensure that the project’s objectives are aligned with the organization’s strategic direction
  • Facilitate formal and informal communications with the organization’s employees
  • Conduct an organizational and business readiness assessment to determine the largest areas of organizational resistance. This assessment will be conducted via Panorama’s proprietary online employee assessment and a series of focus groups with small groups of employees within each functional area
  • Identify lessons learned from Previous the organization business and IT change initiatives
  • Assess employee competencies relative to ERP skill requirements

The Organizational Readiness Assessment also provides recommendations regarding organizational change management, training and communications activities the client should deploy to address organizational deficiencies as part of the broader ERP implementation.

Panorama will conduct focus group interviews at the organization’s facilities. In these groups, Panorama will assess the following:

  • Address common concerns across the organization as well as location-specific concerns
  • Validate feedback from surveys, asking additional questions around areas of concern
  • Evaluate additional areas of potential benefit realization, such as required process changes and additional organizational management issues
  • Assess the level of buy-in, alignment, and support among the organization executive team and end-user community
  • Pinpoint areas and sources of potential resistance within the organization

Initial Change Impact Analysis

A Change Impact Analysis analyzes the change in business processes and determines the change impact on jobs, roles and responsibilities and skill level by process. The magnitude of the change based upon number of users as well as the frequency of the transactions/processes is also analyzed. Risks will be analyzed to determine the impact on the organization.

During this task, Panorama’s team will complete a number of activities, including:

  • Conduct an initial change impact analysis based on the redesigned business processes
  • Conduct an Organizational Risk Assessment

Identify the future state organizational designs required to support the newly designed business processes