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SAP SE today announced that Sokołów SA, a leader in the food and meat manufacturing industries in Poland, is the first company in the Central and Eastern European region to launch SAP Business Suite software on the SAP HANA platform. With the migration of SAP Business Suite and the SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) application to SAP HANA, Sokołów SA is able to simplify IT management, reduce maintenance costs and accelerate transactional and analytical data processing.

“The application of an innovative in-memory technology allows for more efficient and convenient work with the SAP systems we have been using for years and it has improved the quality of our business applications,” said Bogdan Biłas, IT director, Sokołów SA. “Faster transaction processing, rapid access to data and shortening the system response time allow us to act more efficiently within the IT area and use our resources to more effectively build the competitiveness of Sokołów SA on the Polish and European market.”

After migrating SAP BW and SAP Business Suite to the SAP HANA platform the data loading and planning speed has increased tenfold and the speed of reporting from the SAP BW level increased more than a hundred times. Generating reports directly from SAP Business Suite, where the productivity has increased a thousand fold, is now even faster. The increased efficiency of the data warehouse and business applications powered by SAP HANA has been accompanied by the simplification and reduction of the total costs of the IT infrastructure maintenance. The previous database could store about 2.5 TB but after migrating to SAP HANA it has been compressed to less than 600 GB. At the same time direct reporting from SAP HANA was introduced, which has helped eliminate the need to create indexes to clustered tables. Ultimately, SAP HANA replaced the traditional databases used by Sokołów SA for SAP Business Suite.

“The successful implementation in Sokołów confirms that with SAP HANA, Polish companies can make a significant progress in the use of IT tools for business data planning and analysis.”

More Efficiency For Employees

The employees of Sokołów SA can now, without any concerns about the loss of IT infrastructure performance, more effectively use SAP solutions such as the SAP ERP application or SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions. These solutions now carry out dozens of additional transactions, increase the number of analytical views and take advantage of the newly implemented applications that run on SAP HANA, including SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, SAP Accounting powered by SAP HANA and SAP Cash Management powered by SAP HANA. The applications assist users with planning and budgeting, implementing financial and accounting data management and controlling and forecasting cash flows in real time.