Earlier today, Panorama Consulting Group hosted a webcast about how to determine whether traditional  ERP software vs. SaaS ERP solutions are most appropriate for your organization.  In the session, we covered several areas that can serve as tradeoffs and decision variables when evaluating traditional and SaaS ERP software solutions.  While there are many more then the list provided below, this list will give you an idea of the top considerations when reviewing SaaS ERP packages.

Questions to Ask When Considering SaaS ERP Solutions

  • Is there a need for a highly customized solution?
  • Is there a need to integrate with legacy apps?
  • How large is the planned deployment?
  • Are there features that are missing from software?
  • What is the timeline for deployment?
  • What is the experience of your IT staff?
  • Is there a need to upgrade a significant portion of your IT infrastructure?
  • How big of a change will the software entail?

These are just a few of the variables to consider. For a more detailed discussion, listen to the audio from our webcast on the topic and view the presentation materials here.

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