Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry has long lived with turbulent markets and a challenging regulatory environment. Selecting the right software (Oil and Gas ERP System) will enable your organization to increase profitability, streamline business processes, maintain compliance and keep pace in a volatile market.

A key advantage of ERP in the oil and gas space is the ability to accurately channel appropriate resources while complying with the demanding regulations of the extraction industry. ERP software supports adaptability, focus and collective insight on issues that are currently trapped in information silos. An ERP implementation enables leaders in all levels of the organization to view, process and deliver results via real-time snapshots of the entire operation.

Implementing an ERP system allows your business to access live activity updates from the field using mobile devices and real-time reporting. Companies utilizing hardcopy field ticket methodology are subject to increased costs, potential financial ramifications and lengthy reporting processes.

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Case Study

Read about our organizational change management work for an oil company that resulted in operating cost savings in excess of $500,000 annually.