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Openbravo-Based Vertical Solution Addresses the Campus Management Needs for any Educational Entities Like Playschool, K-12 Schools, Undergraduate and Graduate Colleges and Universities

Openbravo, the leading web-based open source business management solutions provider, recently announced the successful implementation of OpeneCampus, an Openbravo ERP system for campus management, at Regenesys. Regenesys is one of the leaders and fastest growing business schools in Southern Africa. With the ERP solution being recently implemented, Regenesys now boasts of managing 5000+ students through a comprehensive Student Life Cycle Management solution.

With over 65,000 students educated in the past 14 years from over 1,000 of the most reputable organizations in South Africa and around the world, Regenesys wanted to implement an ERP solution for student life cycle management which could be integrated easily with its learning management system, Moodle.

OpeneCampus, Openbravo’s based solution, was selected and implemented for student life cycle management as it allows them to benefit from an integrated solution with the comprehensive functionality required, lowering licenses and overall implementation and maintenance costs. Additionally, the flexibility of the ERP solution and easy customization and integration techniques proved to be a complete success for Regenesys. The results are a one stop-one click solution that increases efficiency, and the improved collaboration allowing connecting people, data and departments, providing an outstanding student service.

Astute Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd, in India, are the authors of the OpeneCampus vertical and the partner who implemented the ERP solution. Astute has large expertise in this education vertical and sector and thereby brought strong domain expertise and industry skills to this particular project.

Riaan Steenberg, COO and Director, of Regenesys said, “It’s a pleasure to recommend OpeneCampus and the services that Astute provided to Regenesys. We believe that since we go live and in the long term, this solution would offer much more value than other solutions at a fraction of the cost. The requirements we had were very challenging but OpeneCampus and Astute exceeded our expectations. We encourage any company in the education sector, to adopt this ERP solution.”

Y Srinivasa Reddy, CEO of Astute Business Solution Pvt. Ltd., said: “Automating the entire student life-cycle is every educational entity’s key objective. The concept is to track the student life-cycle from enrollment to graduation and beyond; managing the student life-cycle seamlessly is a desired need for all educational vertical process owners. Having a safe, secure and stable environment at a low cost is a basic requirement of all customers. Our expertise in the ERP domain along with our vast experience in education vertical helped us addressing the requirements in the educational vertical and the partnership with openbravo has helped us in meeting the security and low cost requirements to global customers. Openbravo’s support was timely and it’s a great feeling to see OpeneCampus being implemented and used extensively by the Regenesys University.”

AndreuBartolí, VP of Channel Operations, said: “As Gartner stated, making the college or university a truly real-time enterprise and achieving a practical fusion of business and academic processes will become a guiding ambition of institutions of higher learning. New tools for integration and collaboration will be the building blocks for this transformation. At Openbravo we think that Education is a growing field that requires business application solutions and unfortunately is a market that has been underserved by technology providers. With OpeneCampus we are ready to address the most complex educational business requirements, from the student first contact to graduation and beyond. “