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IQMS, a manufacturing ERP software and MES developer with an ongoing, proactive commitment to its product and relationships, today announced that refractory supplier, Riverside Refractories, Inc., has joined the IQMS team of customers. An innovative compounder of heat resistant materials for use primarily in refractories in steel and aluminum mills, Riverside Refractories has been a strong, competitive manufacturer in Pell City, Ala. for more than 80 years.

Recently, antiquated technology began to hamper Riverside Refractories competitive advantage. “Inflexible” was the company’s word of choice when describing its legacy system and the management of Riverside Refractories desired better methods for inventory management, controls and reporting. Riverside Refractories knew it was critical to implement a new ERP system that offered the ability to have real-time information and detailed reports for analysis, better inventory control and warehouse management and stronger internal controls from a unified enterprise-wide database.

In the end, the choice of EnterpriseIQ from IQMS boiled down to three main highlights. The ease and comfort of the system was a large plus for Riverside Refractories, as it feels navigation in EnterpriseIQ is more user-friendly and logical than the competition. Secondly, IQMS offers flexibility, such as extensive reporting options and the ability to operate on a variety of hardware types. Finally, Riverside Refractories appreciated that IQMS offers a complete system that fit within its budget.

“Our IQMS representative was very professional and knowledgeable concerning the products we were exploring,” said Jennifer Brown, vice president of finance at Riverside Refractories. “We never felt the normal ‘sales pressure’ or that we were being ‘pushed’ into a decision. The software and the staff of IQMS seem to be exactly what we are looking for.”