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QAD customers can mix and match UI based on end-user preferences

QAD Inc., a leading provider of enterprise software and services designed for global manufacturing companies, today announced a new User Experience (UX) that brings the power of QAD Cloud ERP to the browser. The UX is enhanced by allowing customers to select the user interface (UI) that best meets their needs. QAD made the announcement during its annual customer conference, Explore 2015, in Washington, D.C.

The initiative is called Channel Islands – representing the family of four islands off the coast of Santa Barbara visible from QAD’s corporate office. QAD conceived the Channel Islands program as a way to provide a consistent, individually adaptable and device-independent user experience that is personalized to the activity and the user to increase efficiency, simplify task completion and provide insight to decisions.

The new UX leverages a role-based experience providing insight to support data driven decisions with a simplified view of information. Its redesigned sales order experience optimizes business processes for maximum efficiency. The new UX improves the experience for users of both Cloud and on-premise customers.

The web-based UI allows for mobile access out of the box enabling QAD Enterprise Applications to run anywhere, anytime and on any device with a modern browser.

“We are delighted to share the news about the next generation user experience,” said Pam Lopker, QAD President and Chairman. “Enhancing the user experience while creating a more efficient interface are our primary motivators for this evolutionary design. At QAD, we believe an Effective User – where user tasks are streamlined, accelerated by supporting systems, and perfectly aligned with the company’s business processes – is critical to the creation of an Effective Enterprise. This UX is built to enable the Effective User to achieve that goal.”

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