During these unpredictable times, many organizations are finding the need to reinvent their strategies and how they work.

In light of this, we recorded a podcast featuring our organizational change management experts. We discuss change management tips for keeping employees optimistic and productive amid significant organizational and global changes. Listen below:

We are Here to Provide Resources and Advice to Leaders and Organizations

Great leadership and management have never been more important than during this global crisis. We are here to help you cope with the challenges you are facing today and those you will face in the future.  

What You Need to do Now

  • Adapt fast to new facts and evidence. Make sure these are from trusted sources.
  • Be clear and transparent. People’s lives and livelihoods are at risk here. They need to be able to trust what they’re hearing. When in doubt, over-communicate.
  • Be aware of the mental health implications of this crisis. There will be concerns about the organization’s financial health and viability, which will create anxiety (or worse). People are grieving on a micro and macro level. Be mindful of this.
  • Focus on the positive. Try to find new things to celebrate with employees. Actively encourage them to show kindness, to help neighbors or to volunteer. Then, recognize these acts of kindness.
  • Look for opportunities. For example, a dramatic change in working practices could be a fantastic opportunity to upgrade your digital and remote technology and processes.

How Panorama can Help

We know time is of the essence and flexibility is important. To that end, we offer services a la carte and in customized packages. Our offerings include:


  • Facilitation of goals and strategy development sessions
  • Stakeholder engagement sessions or surveys (or both)
  • Development of communications strategy and materials
  • Customer and vendor input and information sessions
  • Change management coaching sessions for functional teams, management, SME’s, etc.
  • Facilitation of change impact sessions

Request a free consultation below to learn more.

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