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Bending to the will of popular demand, we are excited to announce that Panorama’s ERP Strategies and Solutions podcast series is back! President Eric Kimberling provides his independent advice and observations on ERP software selection, implementation and benefits realization in these entertaining 20-minute Q&As, which are available for free download both on the Panorama website and our iTunes page.

New releases in the series include:

A High-Level Lowdown on Cloud ERP
Released June 6, 2012

The buzz about cloud ERP software can be so deafening that some organizations have a hard time determining if the deployment option truly is the “best fit.” With his trademark candor and insight, Kimberling provides a brief summary of cloud ERP software offerings, touching on both the benefits and risks companies must weigh when considering the cloud.

Review of Panorama Consulting’s 2012 ERP Report
Released May 7, 2012

Panorama has built a reputation for its independent ERP market research and analysis. Join Kimberling for this overview of our latest publication, the 2012 ERP Report, and his take on our findings about ERP implementation budgets, timelines, deployment strategies and business benefits received. Kimberling also pinpoints key implementation and deployment trends by comparing this data to past ERP Report analyses.

The Importance of Business Process Management in ERP Implementations
Released April 18, 2012

There is no question that business process management and improvement is an ERP critical success factor. In this podcast, Kimberling provides a useful review of business process restructuring, including frank talk about ERP industry “best practices,” roles and responsibilities and the importance of organizational change management prior to, during and after process improvements.

Access all of the new recordings (and our library of past releases) on our ERP podcasts page and subscribe to the series on iTunes. Click through to download iTunes.