Panorama Expands its Executive Team to Harness the Power of Alan Salton’s Deep Technological Expertise

DENVER, Colo., — The business transformation and ERP consulting firm, Panorama Consulting Group, has promoted Alan Salton to Managing Director, alongside Managing Directors, Calvin Hamler and Vanessa Davison. In this role Alan oversees Client Services, Business Development, and Industry Relations. At the same time, he is leading the company in a digital transformation that includes the definition of a new information strategy for deriving maximum value from cross-departmental data.

“Panorama has a great history and foundation for helping clients drive value creation,” said Alan. “The knowledge and experience of the team in process optimization, and change management, along with our expertise in enabling technologies, are the tools we use to drive customer success.”

Alan previously served as Director of Innovation at Panorama Consulting Group where he led the definition and implementation of a comprehensive strategic plan. In this role, he worked with the company’s senior leadership to implement new processes within key service areas, including ERP selection, ERP implementation, organizational change management, and more.

Prior to this, he served as Chief Innovation Officer at abas AG in Germany. His focus was on integrating artificial intelligence into ERP, serverless computing, business analytics, cognitive applications, and IoT.

“We believe that Alan is the ideal person to lead Panorama’s next chapter of growth and success. As a true thought leader, he has a strong track record of innovation, execution, operational excellence, and developing teams that drive results for our clients as well as our organization. Alan has consistently been ahead of industry trends and disruptions, consumer change and driving value.” said Vanessa Davison, Managing Director.

“I’m ecstatic to get behind Alan as he assumes this leadership position at our firm,” said Calvin Hamler, Managing Director. “We’ve all learned a great deal from Alan and know he will continue to drive innovation and value for our clients from Panorama’s highest executive level.”

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