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2010 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition in Atlanta, Ga., – March 1, 2010

News Facts

  • Today at the pre-eminent healthcare information technology conference, Oracle introduced an enterprise healthcare analytics solution that helps providers create a detailed, holistic and integrated view of their enterprise.
  • The solution integrates data from electronic medical records, clinical departmental systems, patient accounting, ERP, research, and other source systems to help providers rapidly and cost effectively unlock value from their clinical and operational data.
  • Oracle’s enterprise healthcare analytics solution provides a foundation upon which providers can use pre-built business intelligence, analytic, data mining, and performance management applications from Oracle and its partners.
  • Oracle® Healthcare Data Warehouse Foundation is a comprehensive, detailed data model specifically engineered for provider enterprise data warehousing that includes an expanding list of more than 1,000 entities and 12,000 attributes spanning the clinical, financial, operational, and research domains.
  • The Oracle Healthcare Data Warehouse Foundation is designed for ease of use for analytic application developers and can be easily extended to accommodate a provider’s unique environment.
  • Oracle® Operating Room Analytics is an analytic and performance management application that gives surgical services directors and surgical, anesthesia, and nursing leaders an enterprise view of operating room efficiency.
  • This includes analysis of the case volumes, utilization rates, turnover times, as well as more than 200 pre-built operational efficiency measures, all of which can be easily customized and extended as new metrics are created.
  • An ecosystem of healthcare partners is already emerging that is expected to provide analytic applications built on Oracle’s enterprise healthcare analytics foundation. This includes:
  • Anthem Healthcare Intelligence for revenue cycle, service line, cost allocation, and productivity
  • Outcome Sciences for quality reporting and patient registries
  • Quantros for quality reporting, accreditation & compliance, and safety and risk management
  • VigiLanz for infection control, pharmacovigilance and practice guidance

Oracle’s Rapidly Expanding Suite of Business Intelligence Solutions Offers Healthcare Providers Key Benefits

  • A product approach – maturing healthcare sector moving away from customized, one-off solutions to more cost effective packaged options
  • Provider-specific data model – stable foundation for enterprise data warehouse allows providers to benefit from third-party data integration tools and analytic applications that help reduce time-to-value and overall cost
  • Optimized for ease of use – intuitive, well documented model lowers the cost, time and risk associated with custom development
  • Greater flexibility – model is able to accommodate customization if needed to meet providers’ individual needs

Supporting Quotes

  • “Healthcare providers have long struggled with effectively measuring clinical quality, operational efficiency and financial performance in a timely and actionable manner,” said Neil de Crescenzo, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Health Sciences. “Oracle’s enterprise healthcare analytics is designed specifically for healthcare providers to help them unlock the value of electronic health information to enable quality performance and clinical excellence, to drive departmental and operational efficiencies, and accelerate innovation to the point of care.”
  • “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s HITECH provisions for meaningful use are illustrating the critical need for a thoughtful, detailed approach to integrating the healthcare enterprise,” said Ivo Nelson, Founder and Chairman, Encore Health Resources. “Health systems in the future will differentiate themselves based on their ability to integrate and use complex information from across the enterprise to drive change into their care and operational processes.”
  • “It is critical for healthcare providers to have key business information such as daily volumes, financial indicators, productivity variances, service line metrics, and revenue cycle performance at their fingertips,” said Roy Mathews, CEO, Anthem Healthcare Intelligence. “However, enterprise performance dashboards become meaningful only when founded on a credible, comprehensive data warehouse. Because it is designed specifically for healthcare providers, we see tremendous value in Oracle’s new enterprise healthcare analytics and its ability to help providers vastly improve their overall productivity and improve quality of care.”
  • “Having an integrated view across the provider enterprise is extremely important for organizations looking to meet emerging requirements for quality reporting and meaningful use as well as to effectively participate in a growing number of registries and post-approval research activities,” said Richard Gliklich, M.D., President & CEO, Outcome Sciences. “We believe that Oracle’s enterprise healthcare analytics will enable providers to create linkages between financial, operational and clinical processes that will ultimately make them more effective in measuring quality, efficiency and performance in a meaningful way.”
  • “Data aggregation infrastructure capabilities as outlined by Oracle are pivotal to advancing access to actionable knowledge for improving patient safety, quality of care, compliance and for furthering ARRA goals for meaningful use of data in these domains,” said Sanjaya Kumar, M.D., President and CEO, Quantros. “We see the relationship with Oracle and its new enterprise healthcare analytics infrastructure as key for rapidly integrating and empowering healthcare providers with the decision support tools and clinical business intelligence analytics required to identify, enact and continuously monitor the impact of interventions.”
  • “Once considered a luxury that few hospitals could afford, real-time patient safety monitoring is making it possible to detect adverse events, optimize outcomes and automatically send warning alerts to clinicians as they occur,” said David Goldsteen, M.D., Chairman & CEO, VigiLanz. “We expect Oracle’s new enterprise healthcare analytics to play a significant role in helping us further our mission to empower clinicians with timely information that helps optimize patient care.”

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