ERP software for architects can help architects keep projects organized, manage costs and expenses, and so much more. At Panorama Consulting, we can help you take advantage of all these benefits, but first, you have to select the right system.

Based on our experience, we’ve provided a list of solutions you may want to consider for this niche industry. As always, this list is independently created by our vendor-agnostic software experts.

Top 5 ERP Systems for Architects

Unanet A/E (powered by Clearview)

Unanet logo

Unanet A/E’s purpose-built ERP software for architecture companies includes functionality for project management, BI, prospect management, and financials. It also has pre-built integrations with commonly used payroll and HR systems. Learn More.

BQE Core

BQE logo

BQE Core has an availably mobile app with complete functionality. Key areas of this solution include time tracking, project management, billing, RFI, submittals, CRM, and HR. BQE has pre-built integrations with Microsoft applications and tax systems. Pricing is module-based. Learn More.

Adeaca (+Microsoft D365 or Azure)

Adeaca Logo

Adeaca’s solution provides project management (including WBS, CBS), budgeting/forecasting, CRM, DMS, HRM, and ERP (accounting, procurement/sourcing, sales/marketing). Adeaca’s Project Business Automation allows for tailoring a company’s specific project operations. Learn More.

HSO Proserv (built for Microsoft D365)

hso logo

Built on a Microsoft D365 platform, HSO Proserv AEC360 is an extensive project management, marketing, business development, financial, and HRM solution. It is available as a mobile app, as well. Learn More.

Deltek Vantagepoint

deltek logo

Deltek Vantagepoint features project management, accounting/financial management, BI, CRM/pipeline, and resource management. Deltek has over 30 years’ experience with clients in the architecture and engineering space. Learn More.

Point Solutions That Could be Integrated Into Existing ERP Systems

Need Help Selecting an ERP System?

Panorama Consulting is a 100% independent consulting firm, meaning we will help you find the ERP that’s right for your needs – and won’t push you toward products that may not be right for you.

If you’re interested in evaluating ERP systems for architects, don’t wait. Contact us below to schedule a consultation, and take the first steps toward transforming your business.

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