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Ellucian Analytics unlocks institutional data to simplify real-time decision making.

ellucian logoEllucian, the leading global provider for higher education software and services, announced today Ellucian Analytics, powered by the Ellucian Ethos platform. This solution is the first, most innovative and most comprehensive analytics tool in the market, designed for more than 100 functional areas on campus, including recruitment, student administration, financial aid, human resources, and advancement. Covering more than 200 defined roles on campus, Ellucian Analytics has been built for the unique needs of higher education.

Today, many college and university leaders are struggling to make sense of the overwhelming amount of data they have at their fingertips in a timely fashion.

According to research published by EDUCAUSE in 2015, 47% of higher education leaders reported that institutional analytics is a major priority. Also, Gartner’s 2016 research stated that, although many higher education institutions report placing a high priority on institutional analytics — at least for some departments, if not the entire institution — most are grappling with how best to harness and apply analytics to their advantage.*

Ellucian Analytics is a role-based SaaS solution, providing insight and access to reliable, enterprise wide data — pulling from Ellucian data sources and others within an institution’s ecosystem. The solution helps institutions create a culture in which decision makers at all levels can proactively use analytics to answer key business questions.

“Our approach to analytics is rooted in three key principles,” said Jeff Ray, president and CEO at Ellucian. “First, analytics are supposed to answer questions, not just deliver data. Second, analytics should unlock the campus and make critical information available to every decision maker who needs it. The third is that content matters, and that the most valuable information should always be front and center. Ellucian Analytics not only meets these standards of performance – it exceeds them with a user experience that is second to none.”

Ellucian Analytics embraces the power of the Ethos platform and is part of Ellucian’s suite of cloud-based solutions built for higher education that leverage Amazon Web Services.

Key features include:

  • Intuitive concepts based on who you are and what you do by business area on campus
  • Ease of access via the web, tablet and mobile devices
  • The ability for users to rate dashboards and reports, strengthening institutional data
  • A SaaS model that enables quick time to value

Using an innovative cloud delivery model, Ellucian Analytics will be available beginning December 2016, and the company will be continuously introducing analytics for a growing set of roIes across the institutional ecosystem through 2017.

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