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CINCINNATI – August 24, 2010 – Software and services provider Cincom Systems, an IBM Premier Business Partner, announces a collaboration with IBM Business Analytics and Optimization (BAO) to leverage IBM’s Real-Time Analytics Matching Platform (RAMP) and improve customer experience in call centers.

“A good customer experience begins with matching a customer with an agent who has the best possibility for delivering a valued conversation,” said Randy Saunders, program director, Cincom Synchrony Customer Experience Management. “RAMP’s sophisticated applied analytics connects the right customer to the right agent. Then, Cincom Synchrony guides that agent to deliver the designed experience for the best performance and outcomes. Success-based call routing using RAMP is a critical first step in delivering a better customer experience and makes a powerful partner with Synchrony.”

Assurant Solutions (NYE – AIZ) has been using RAMP to increase call center profitability and enhance the customer experience in its call centers for more than seven years. Retention revenue grew by 37% and sales revenue by 29% within the first year of implementation. This success contributed to lowering agent attrition by 25%, simply by exploiting the untapped potential of analytics.

While users are already saving millions of dollars a year, RAMP has the potential to improve those savings as the underlying analytic models mature. When combined with Cincom Synchrony’s intelligent agent guidance and unified desktop, the probability for successful outcomes grows significantly.

Representatives from Cincom and Assurant Solutions will be presenting at Contact Centres World Africa 2010 in Johannesburg, South Africa August 23 – 27.

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To learn more about the IBM Real-Time Analytics Matching Platform for contact centers, visit IBM’s web at or Cincom Synchrony at or contact your Cincom or IBM representative.

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