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kmworld-promise-award-finalistCINCINNATI, Ohio ― Cincom Systems’ ( Cincom Acquire® (, a guided selling and product configuration software platform designed to help companies sell complex products and services, has been selected as a finalist for KMWorld Magazine’s Promise Award.

Cincom Acquire automates the effective selling of complex products and services. It enables true collaborative selling processes and provides guided selling, channel and distributor collaboration, sales and product configuration, as well as quotation and proposal management and integrates with existing systems including Cincom® CONTROL™, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and

The KMWorld Promise Award is given to an organization with innovative technology solutions for implementing and integrating knowledge-management practices into their business processes. The award-winning organization demonstrates how it goes beyond simply delivering technology to working with clients to ensure that both the technology and knowledge processes are embedded into the work processes. In other words, it helps organizations realize positive business results.

Promise Delivered at E-ONE

Cincom showed its promise of knowledge-management success at E-ONE, the largest manufacturer of fire rescue vehicles in the United States.

A single emergency vehicle from E-ONE can have up to 14,000 customizable features. “Every single one of our products is different,” says Peter Guile, CEO of E-ONE. “Every fire department decides what its needs are and has specific views on how its truck should be configured. This builds a tremendous amount of complexity into our job.”
“In the past,” adds Jonathan Plant, E-ONE’s configuration manager, “we would have to pore over each order line by line to confirm that all of the components were not just okay by themselves, but also okay in combination.”
As a result, E-ONE was challenged with producing accurate quotes and orders requiring significant amounts of resources and cost. Orders were accepted without a clear understanding of the details, and products were being built with incomplete information.

In 2005, E-ONE began implementation of its EzONE product configurator, based on Cincom Acquire. Now, instead of an error-prone process that took days, customers can order highly customized fire rescue vehicles in minutes.
“Cincom’s technology allows us to capture the knowledge of the product as we build it,” says Larry Schenavar, E-ONE’s IT director. “Our prior configuration product relied a lot on tribal knowledge, which meant our dealers had to be very good fire truck designers. Using the Cincom solution, we capture the knowledge in the product and that allows us to push that knowledge into the dealers’ hands, so they don’t necessarily need to know every single thing about a fire truck in order to configure it.”

Key results of using Cincom Acquire:

  • 59% faster order processing
  • 51% reduction in lead times
  • Improved dealer satisfaction

About Cincom

For 42 years, Cincom has helped thousands of clients worldwide by solving complex business problems with its software and services. For more information about Cincom’s products and services, contact Cincom at 1-800-2CINCOM (USA only), send an e-mail to [email protected] or visit the company’s website at