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Today, midmarket organizations need to do more with less and become as productive as possible while providing the highest levels of customer service. To do so, they need easy and immediate access to the tools and information they need to do their jobs within one browser session. Traditional ERP systems can often hinder productivity, overwhelming users with a wealth of applications and functions that may not be relevant for them. Led by Eric Kimberling, managing partner for Panorama Consulting, and Joe Scioscia, vice president of sales for VAI, this webinar will stress the importance of implementing ERP solutions that have the ability to combine deep industry processes and analytics with new social collaboration tools. Together, they will discuss how this can create a more satisfying, easier-to-use software experience that helps mid-market customers make better informed business decisions much faster than ever before, while increasing productivity and collaboration throughout their organizations. Both parties will address how these solutions allow knowledgeable workers to customize their own ERP applications and add new social collaboration tools, thus leveraging a role-based user experience that allows access to business functions.

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