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Developed by CGI, the App Will Make it Easier for Athletes to Comply With WADA Regulations

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) launched a “whereabouts” mobile application for more than 25,000 athletes worldwide. Developed by CGI, the ADAMS app enables athletes to enter, check and change information on their whereabouts as part of their WADA regulatory obligations.

The app meets stringent privacy and security requirements and is currently available in English and French. It is now available for athletes with Apple mobile devices via the iTunes App Store. An Android version will be released later in December.

As part of its mission to protect the rights of clean athletes, the WADA manages a database that keeps track of whereabouts data on athletes across the globe to facilitate out-of-competition testing. Using their smartphones, athletes who are registered in a testing pool who have specific anti-doping responsibilities, can submit whereabouts information with just a few clicks. In addition, the app’s notifications remind them of their whereabouts obligations, including deadlines for submitting information.

“We are very pleased that we are now in a position to offer this tool to top athletes around the world,” said David Howman, Director General of the WADA. “The app is a simple, accessible way for athletes to report details of their whereabouts and to comply with relevant regulations. Moreover, they will be demonstrating their commitment to clean sport. Everyone benefits from this efficient solution.”

The app was originally launched in 2012 by the Anti-Doping Authority of the Netherlands for its own athletes, and it represents a successful collaboration between CGI, the Anti-Doping Authority of the Netherlands, InnoSportNL and  NOC*NSF.

“ADAMS is a successful example of CGI’s innovation in mobile technology,” said Ron de Mos, Senior Vice-President and General Manager of CGI’s operations in the Netherlands. “This interactive app will benefit athletes and the world of sports on a global scale.”

“This app is a godsend for international athletes because we travel a lot,” said Nicolien Sauerbreij, the Dutch snowboarder who won a gold medal at the Winter Olympic Games in 2010. She will also be representing the Netherlands in the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. ”It saves us time and allows us greater flexibility.”