There are several reasons that companies are hesitant to invest in ERP. Obviously, one of those is the cost. Whether it means bringing in a third-party or not, it is the sticker shock on the overall cost that can freak some executives and IT directors out. Other times, it can stem from looking at benchmarks (see our 2016 ERP Report here) and seeing companies that are their size and how much it has cost them to actually complete the project from start to finish along with the costs that will occur year over year to accompany their services.

Another reason why companies are unsure about investing in ERP is because of the time that it will take. A lot of times, companies are viewing these implementations as more of an “IT project,” instead of seeing it as a business initiative as well. This initiative is meant to look at how your company is performing your current processes and how we can improve or reengineer those processes to make the overall organization more efficient and more effective.

At times, you may hear the horror stories from companies who have become more efficient and that because of this efficiency, there are employees who are no longer needed.  We don’t believe in job loss. We try to stress that there are other areas where you can use those other employees that can be beneficial and improve your organization.

While these initiatives can be very consuming, it is vital to bring a third-party in to walk you through this process. You can learn that it isn’t as scary as it sounds when you have a seasoned professional showing you the way. Plus…you will soon see how valuable your new software is and wish you would have pulled the trigger much sooner.

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