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Clients often ask us which is the “best” ERP system on the market. The most common interest, especially among mid-size to large organizations, is in SAP and Oracle. Of course, as consultants, we don’t jump to conclusions and determine the best fit for our clients based on their unique business requirements (click here to read about our ERP software selection approach).

However, our recent benchmark study reveals some interesting insights as to how companies have fared with both SAP and Oracle. The study, which covers over 1,300 implementations across the globe, found that on average, Oracle is implemented in less time and at a lower cost than SAP. Even when adjusted for variances in company size and scope, Oracle is implemented at a lower cost and in less time.

On the other hand, SAP customers are more satisfied than Oracle’s. When we look at two metrics – executive satisfaction and employee satisfaction – SAP scored higher than Oracle. In fact, SAP had the highest satisfaction rating of all the ERP vendors included in the study (and there were dozens of them).

We will be sharing more specific information and metrics in the next week. On Monday we will release part II of our 2008 ERP Report, which will outline the measurable differences between leading tier I and tier II ERP solutions. In addition, we are presenting a live webcast to share the study results on February 26 (click here to register or to learn more).